Start As We Mean To Go On - Time Is Of The Essence

As fashionable as they seem, I loathe having to enquire about pricing, false prices, and charging based on who you are. My consultancy fees are £1,000 per hour, plain & simple. I have a minimum engagement of a working week of 40 hours. With my transfer fees to your location paid, I can be with you within 24 hours. If my fees are beyond your means, and your company excites me, I will consider equity in return for my work.

I also work using real world apps...

These help me and your business address it's issues. Should you require to use these for your business licensing fees are payable. These vary between £9,000 and £20,000 p/a, minimum contract of 5 years. Each app is customisable to your needs. These apps allow my work to live on when I'm not with you and are highly recommend. For more details click the products button below.