As I Work With You,
I Utilise A Suite of Apps...

I use apps, with a twist. Free from their devices, they are real world documents, not pieces of software.
The result of 10 years research and application. Each designed to fix a specific issue within your business.

Has your business forgotten the difference between right and wrong?

Big businesses can get away with more than most. Yet more important that winning at all costs, is the heart and soul of your people. Every business has a duty to the world and community, to do the right thing. Even when it may not suit them. Integrity is my ethics app.

Are your leaders truly effective?

Leaders aren't born, they are made. In all their varieties, they get results. And they do so with the utmost of integrity. Leader is our app to help you create the leaders vital for evolution of your business.

Has your business lost it's heart? Passionate teams, joyful service, and loving customers

I can help you find and create that X-Factor again. So your business can be the happiest and best it can be, once more. Heart is my customer experience app.

…Value, Value & Value

So important it get's it's own page. Do all staff really know what value is? Do they know the differences in types of value? Do they know how to create value? Do they know their role in creating value?

Each Crafted With You In Mind

My apps offer power to your business, they are :

  • Simple
  • Concise
  • Direct
  • Practical
  • Fun
  • Memorable

Ultra Simple Design

I love the concept of apps, their usefulness. So I took the concept and reverse engineered. My apps are simple Word Documents. They inform and educate, guide and enlighten. Not one is greater than 30 pages long.

High Quality

All my apps are based on years of real experience. They assimilate information from many leading experts and sources, condensing them into a simple, and easy to use tool.

Total Support

Should you license my apps from me, I’ll be there to support you with their use and administration. The real work often begins, after I leave your organisation.

Loaded with goodies

Simple to use and remember, each app will stick in the mind of your team and be easy to apply.

Here They Are, The Stars of the Show:
The Business Bliss Apps

Each one is designed to troubleshoot specific areas in your business, and then ensure best in class performance for the future.

  • Focus
  • Solutions
  • Star
  • Heart
  • Good People
  • Evolve
  • Value
  • Leader
  • Shapes
  • 4 Eyes
  • Energy
  • 2 Eyes