Enhancing Your Team's

As well as consulting, I offer a full array of training.
Training they'll love, understand and remember.
No jargon, just simple, clear effectiveness.
I cover all the essential areas of staff development in ways they can apply.

About Me Passions

Modules To Make Them Shine...

  • Leader - Excellence in Leadership
  • Star - Team Spirit
  • Heart - Soulful Customer Experience
  • Solutions - Dynamic Problem Solving
  • Shapes - Effective Business Tools

Business Bliss Training Updates & Support

As well as consulting, I also provide training in all areas of my expertise. This includes, leadership, excellence, integrity, polices, processes, procedures, value, strategy, culture, customer experience and many, many more. All my solutions keep on working with you after I'm gone – they are available to licence from me, which includes life time updates and support.

In-Depth Training Videos – For Life

My training continues to come alive after I'm gone.Like my training, my tutorial videos speak directly to your team, in ways that matter to them. Unlike myself, they are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At a touch of a button they can delivered as and when needed, by those that need them.Once any team member completes my training, they get personal access to my videos for life, wether with your business or not.

Business Bliss Training Certification

Upon completion of all modules, your team receive third party certification in their relevant areas of competence. Certification details modules completed, competencies learned and to what level. Should members of your team move on, this is something they can take with them to future employers.