Firstly, for everything I love, there's something I seek to destroy. Ineffectiveness, dispassion, abuse of power, mediocrity...

Complexity. Deception. Dis-organisation. Lack of Focus. Treating Customers like numbers. Treating Staff like drones. Needless formality. Lack of genuine care. Politics. Mechanistic Business. Waste. Environmental Harm. Lack of Community Responsibility.

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So What Do I Stand For?
Let's Begin With The First 3…
Excellence, Energy, Evolution

Whatever we do, we must do it better than anyone.
There's something different about how we do things.
We never stop the joy of getting better.

Simple, Clear & Effective

If it's not simple, it's complex. If it's not clear, it's confusing. If it's not effective, it's useless.

Experiences, Loyalty & Family

Incredible experiences for everyone involved. Loyalty to and from our team and customers. A family feel to everything without compromising our effectiveness.

Buzz, Heart & Compassion

We do what we do and can't stop loving it. We enjoy what we do for no reason. We care and know we are cared for.

Honesty, Integrity, & Fairness

We should live by these qualities. We should champion these qualities. We should protect these qualities. When all is said and done, they are what sets us apart.

Focus, Frameworks & Finances

We know what we are about and what we need to do. Our processes, policies and procedures drive us forward. We are highly profitable and share in the rewards.

...But all these are nothing without…Implementation

And that's where I come in. I'm ready to heal, repair and breathe new life into your business.

A Little Bit
About My Passions

I created and began my first business on my own. I had no idea what I was doing, no support or business expertise whatsoever. I had £500 to my name. Accordingly I had to teach myself every area imaginable, and learnt on the job. Each day it was a case of do or die, evolve or become extinct. Out of necessity my expertise evolved to an excellent level in many areas. I’ve rated myself accordingly on my skills chart.

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