Welcome to Business Bliss

The Small Consultancy For Big, & Soon To Be Big Businesses.

I'm a one man, worldwide consultancy firm. I specialise in the core aspects of business in order to increase satisfaction & profitability.
I can be with you, anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

About Me Passions

Dinosaurs Are Dead - Don't Choose A Consultancy Battling It's Own Issues

You require leanness, simplicity, and effectiveness. The passion and mindset of an experienced entrepreneur. Someone with a lust for results. Couple this with your knowledge, resources and market position - you harness evolution.

Our Products

No jargon.
No layers.
No complexity.

Just one man with a passion for transforming your business

You'll deal with me and me only. Easy, simple, and above all effective. Just the way business should be

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Simple, Clear, Effective

You can judge me and how I work, by your experience of my website. Straight to the point, easy to work with and effective – that’s Business Bliss.

Stunning Solutions

Like diamonds, good solutions are clear, rare, hard to find, worth a lot of money and highly visible. Through Business Bliss I provide nothing else.

Killer Apps

The Business Bliss Consultancy utilises real world apps. These are business documentation tools that provide a framework to assist us in getting results.

Support As Standard

Once we’ve worked together, for a modest fee, I’ll be around to drive home results throughout the entire working relationship.